Crossroads Summer Camp | Group Info Form
Please use the group name you used to register online.
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Primary Cell Phone
This should be the best number to reach you before camp as well as on registration day.
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Secondary Cell Phone
This should be a number of a leader of the opposite gender so that we can send updates during camp to both of you.
Early Registration *
We know some groups have to travel long distances to get to camp, so we offer early registration every Sunday from 8pm-9pm. There will be a $15/person fee charged upon arrival for the extra night of housing, but no meals will be provided until Monday dinner.
Each group will be scheduled for a meal shift. Please list your top choice below. These shifts are tentative and subject to change.
Please let us know if you have any other requests for certain dormitories, Family Time location, or if you'd like to have a certain staff member for your dorm time.
All preferences will be given on a first come, first served basis and only if we are able to do so. Thanks for understanding!
If you need to update this information, please call our office at 864-437-8455 or text us at 864-940-0430 to do so.