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It is imperative that you are able to work the entire summer. Only in rare circumstances will we hire someone who cannot work the duration of camp. If you are unable to, please let us know when you are available.
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We have four different categories of activities: Athletics, Creative, Adventure, and Quad. Athletic activities include dodgeball, basketball, and soccer tournaments/freeplay. Organizing tournament details, reffing games, and having basic knowledge on each sport we provide is important in these activities. Creative activities include an art studio, dance, improv, a talent show, and an open mic time. The best encouragers make the best creative staffers! Adventure activities include the obstacle course, field games, Color War, and the team challenge course. If you love having fun and don't mind getting a little dirty, you'll love adventure activities! Quad activities include outdoor games like cornhole and Spike Ball, quiz bowl, and a pool party. Being on these activities means you get to be highly relational with campers and have some great conversations while chilling on the quad! Note: We split all of our summer staff into four activitiy teams that each faciliate a combination of the activities listed above. For example, you might be on a team that does a little bit of creative, adventure, and quad activities.
This is not a guarentee that you will be placed onto an activity team that aligns perfectly with your skills and interest.
If you have never been employed, tell us about your biggest challenge with schoolwork.
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We do require that all of our staff are both CPR and First Aid certified by American Red Cross or American Heart Association prior to camp beginning. If hired you will be required to get certified if you are not already certified.
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*If yes, please explain in detail. Answering yes does not automatically disqualify you from working on staff.
*If yes, please explain in detail. Answering yes does not automatically disqualify you from being accepted to work on staff.