Frequently Asked Questions 

+ What is the total cost per person and what does it include?

Total cost is $309 and it includes activities, room and board (4 nights lodging and 11 meals), camp materials, and camp T-Shirt.

+ When is the total cost due?

Deposit Deadline: February 15th (will receive deposits as long as space is available)

Drop Deadline as Written Commitment (NEW!): April 15th.
This year, we are implementing a new deadline to help us have a more firm idea of final numbers for camp and to open up space for our ever growing waiting list. Churches must submit in our new commitment form their final numbers that they are financially committing to by April 15th. If a reserved group does not submit their form by April 15th, they are committing to paying for the registered group total as of April 15th. Final payments for remaining balances for your confirmed total are not due until June 1st, but confirmed numbers are due April 15th. Total payment for your reserved group total as of April 15th will be required on June 1st. Any spot dropped after April 15th will still need to be paid for in full by June 1st.

Balance Deadline: June 1st
This remaining balance will be due in full on this day, but any drops should have happened on April 15th. If you drop spots closer to June 1st, you are still held to the final balance of them if you didn't drop them on April 15th. We will receive registrations until all weeks are full, so check in with us to see if you can add spots. First come, first served. If final balance payments are not received by June 1st in full, a late fee of $5/person/week will be charged.

+ Where is camp located?

Camp is located on the campus of Anderson University in Anderson, SC.

+ Can I register without a deposit? And do I need names to register?

If there is available space after February 15th, you must pay $50 per person at the moment you register. And no, we will not need names. All we need in order to get your group registered is a total number (including all chaperones and campers).

+ When do I receive camp paperwork?

We usually post our camp guides to the website around the beginning of March. This allows us time to finalize our activities, schedules, and any other changes for camp.

+ What if someone backs out? Do I get their deposit back or can I transfer it to the remaining balance?

Unfortunately, no. If you let us know before our April 15th deadline, you will not be charged the remaining balance for that person. However, you can replace that person with someone else since the deposit has already been paid.

+ Will I be able to add to my group total?

As long as there is space available within your week. If there isn’t space available, we can always put your spots down on a waiting list and will then be in contact with you as space becomes available.

+ What is the age limit for camp?

Campers need to be at least 11 years (typically rising 7th graders) to graduating seniors. College students are welcome to attend as chaperones. Churches that welcome rising 6th graders are welcome to bring them to camp as well!

+ Can I come to camp as an individual or with a small group that is not a church?

Yes and no. As long as you have a chaperone, we will welcome any group regardless of size. Unfortunately, we cannot have any students attend unchaperoned.

+ What about Day Campers?

Unfortunately, we cannot take day campers. Any person desiring to come to camp must have a chaperone and has to participate in the entire week with housing and meals included.

+ What are the accommodations like?

You will be staying in college dormitories. Most rooms are double occupancy and have two beds, two desks, two chairs, and two dressers. (There are a few one and three person rooms on campus that we use.) Bathrooms vary based on each dorm. (Some rooms have private baths, some share with the room next to it, and some have hallway baths shared by all.) You will need to bring your own linens to fit a twin size bed. If you're a youth pastor/group leader, make sure to notate any requests on your Group Info Form.

+ What if someone in my group has special needs (physical disability, dietary restrictions, etc.)?

If you will let us know in advance by emailing, we will try to meet those needs. We also ask that you have your group leader notate this on the Group Info Form as well.

+ How many chaperones do I need to bring and what are their responsibilities?

You will need to bring 1 chaperone for every 8 students. This needs to be separate for both males and females. Their responsibilities are to make sure that all of your teenagers are getting to where they need to be throughout the day. They are also there to help advise and counsel your teenagers with their daily walks with Christ. Throughout the day, chaperones will participate in all activities (besides tournaments) as if they were a camper themselves. You must have at least one male and one female chaperone if your group contains both genders.