Summer Staff Frequently Asked Questions


Is there an age requirement for working staff?

Yes. You must have completed one year of college by the summer of 2018. However, we may also hire 2-3 graduating high school seniors, depending on need.


When can I turn in my application?

Applications can be submitted online anytime between October 1, 2017 and March 1, 2018. All applications received after March 1, 2018 at 2:00pm will not be considered. 


Is there any advantage to turning my application in early?

Yes. We value characteristics such as initiative, drive, and ambition. Procrastination is never a good quality. Submitting your application by December 1st, 2017 will qualify you for early acceptance and increase your odds of being hired. However, just because you aren’t accepted in December doesn’t mean you won’t be considered for the March acceptance date.


Do I have to have a phone interview, and when will they begin?

Some new and returning staff may have a phone interview. If you are interviewed, you will be notified by text, email, or a phone call to schedule an interview time. If we happen to call you at a time that is not convenient, please do not be afraid to ask us to call back at a later time.


When and where is Crossroads Summer Camp?

Camp is held at Anderson University in Anderson, South Carolina. Staff training week is June 11 - June 18. (It is mandatory that you been at all of staff training to work camp. For those of you taking Summer School, please check your class schedule before you apply.) You will need to be here until the evening of Saturday, July 28.


Do I need to be at camp the entire Summer?

Yes. However, you will have time off from Friday after lunch through Sunday morning during the weeks of camp if there is something you need to do. We do have staff socials on the weekends that we strongly encourage all staff to attend.


Is staff a paid position? 

Yes. We pay the following weekly salaries:

Year One - $165
Year Two - $180
Year Three - $195
Year Four - $210

Leadership positions vary


What type of training do I need before camp?

If you are hired, you will need to be both Adult CPR and First Aid certified by the American Red Cross or American Heart Associa- tion (two separate certifications). You will need to make your own arrangements for being certified and the cost is usually around $40 for both. You will not be able to work camp if you are not certified before you arrive for training.

This is the only training that you will need before camp. We will do all other training (advising, activities, etc.) when you arrive.


What are my responsibilities during camp?

You will be responsible, first and foremost, for interacting with teenagers throughout the day; at meals, at worship services, on activities, and in the dorms. You will be responsible for setting up, leading, and participating in an afternoon activity; such as sports tournaments, outdoor activities or creative activities.

You will be responsible for miscellaneous staff chores throughout the summer; such as selling merchandise, running cameras, etc. You will be responsible for advising students at the end of the evening worship services and any other appropriate time. You will receive a much more detailed staff description if hired.