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It is imperative that you are able to work the entire summer. Only in rare circumstances will we hire someone who cannot work the duration of camp. If you are unable to, please let us know when you are available.
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Spiritual Life
Activity Interest
The following options are activity positions for Crossroads Staff. Rank them 1-6 that you would like to be a part of. Please indicate below each of your choices any experience you have had in this activity and what aspect of this particular activity you are interested in. Your number 1 choice should be the activity in which you are most qualified and interested in participating. You may not be able to do your number 1 choice, so please think about your additional choices carefully. **Qualified instruction and direction will be given to you in facilitating the activity to which you are assigned.
This team is formed of highly athletic staff who not only are willing to participate in a variety of sports each day, but also know general rules about a variety of sports such as basketball, ultimate Frisbee, soccer, dodge ball, volleyball, etc. Please also indicate if you have played any of these for your school.
This team is formed of highly adventurous staff who are not afraid of a little dirt, mud, sweat, and blood. You will help lead and facilitate teenagers in a variety of activities such as day at the lake, outdoor adventure games, obstacle course, etc.
This team is formed of highly artistic and creative staff who are willing to participate and lead in a variety of activities such as jam lounge, art studio, drama/improv, photography, arts/crafts, prayer room, etc.
This team is formed of highly energetic and relational staff that will be on the center of campus from 1-5pm everyday interacting with students and leading them in a variety of activities such as scavenger hunts, group games, quiz bowl, dancing, etc. These activities will in many ways be decided based on our staff and the interests and talents that they have. Being confident in initiating conversation with teens is a “must” for this activity.
This team is formed of those who are skilled in photography, videography, and graphic design. They are responsible for developing quality visual material of summer camp. This team must be able to produce great content under tight schedules. Experience with related equipment, programs, and software (i.e. DSLRs, Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut, etc.) is highly necessary.
If you have never been employed, tell us about your biggest challenge with schoolwork.
Please check any of the following in which you are certified:
We do require that all of our staff are both CPR and First Aid certified by American Red Cross or American Heart Association prior to camp beginning. If hired you will be required to get certified if you are not already certified.
Background Information
*If yes, please explain in detail. Answering yes does not automatically disqualify you from working on staff.
*If yes, please explain in detail. Answering yes does not automatically disqualify you from being accepted to work on staff.